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Kiraana's back!

Hi, Supriya here. It's been a while since I got on here so a little back story - 

Kiraana was started by me in 2020 (some of you might still remember). I hand blend specialised Indian spice blends and pantry mixes. This little passion project received a lot of love from all of you. It was amazing to see how many of you came back and ordered repeatedly because you loved the taste and the convenience of cooking Indian meals at home.


I'll be honest even in my wildest dream I never thought I'll get so much love from you. Anyways life happened and I had to shut my little passion project down. Lets just say food business is not the easiest one to run. But.

2 years later here we are, 1700 kms away from Melbourne, from the gorgeous Northern Rivers, trying to again revive this little passion. Things will be a little different this time around. Fewer spice blends to being with and pantry blends. Pantry blends will be packaged in such a way so you have an option of washing your rice & lentils if you prefer.  It's still very easy to follow and rest assured the flavours are still the same. 

I will still be blending all the blends fresh from my kitchen and pack your orders with utmost care. Please order them from here.

Hope you enjoy cooking these for your family and loved ones, as much as I enjoy making them for you. Please write to me any time if you have any feedback or suggestions at Please also follow me on insta & fb.  

Let's together go on this journey of Kiraana 2.0! :) 

Supriya xx 


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