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About Kiraana



Kiraana was born as a need to introduce the culinary richness of India. India is a vast country with it's own unique culture and language of food, no matter in which direction you go. One can't say they have eaten or seen everything in India if they just went to one state or region. With Kiraana my aim is to bring this knowledge of it's vastness, diversity and ancient food wisdom to Australian kitchens. I hand-blend delicious regional spice blends and pantry blends that are easy to cook, are all natural, healthy, vegetarian/vegan, gluten free and wholesome.  

How we work?

At Kiraana we try to keep it as real as possible not only in our blends but also how we operate. We strive for balance between supporting local Aussie & Indian businesses. We care deeply about the impact our business has on the planet & people, so we try to use biodegradable, recyclable packaging where possible. 

What does 'Kiraana' mean?

Kiraana, a hindi word means 'a small family owned shop selling sundry items'. They are the lifelines of India, every nook & cranny has a Kiraana shop where one can buy any daily use items. Even the arrivals of giant supermarkets couldn't take away the charm of small Kiraana shops. You run out of eggs, bread, pulses or detergent you run to a Kiraana shop, There's probably nothing you can't find in these dingy little shops. By choosing this name I am paying a little homage to these corner shops which play such an important part in keeping the social structure of a neighbourhood. 


Who am I? What's my philosophy? 


Hi! I am Supriya, founder of Kiraana. I believe that food should create vitality, so you have sound mind & body. It should be aromatic, so your senses draws you towards it but most importantly it should be delicious so you have a loving relation with food.

I hope you enjoy these blends as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. I also hope these blends will bring you one step closer to real Indian cuisine or should I say cuisines of India.

Supriya xx