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Kiraana's story

Kiraana was started by me, Supriya. I migrated to Australia from India after marrying my beloved husband Jackson. On coming here I was quite surprised to see how little knowledge Aussies had about Indian cuisine. Its seen as oily, unhealthy food, something one makes from ready made pastes or eat as rich takeaways with just 4 or 5 dishes circling in most Indian restaurants. But this perception is so far from Indian food sensibilities which has so much more to offer. Indians by and large eat at home using seasonal, regional produce. These simple regional recipes were created centuries ago keeping in mind the nourishment it gives to your body, how that produce grew in harmony with nature, how it sustains the food economy and culture. 

Growing up in India, I learned how to use spices mainly by watching my sisters cook. Somehow they always knew how much spices to add to transform a dish. I used this knowledge and began the journey by blending my own spices. My blending process involved many hours of trial & errors, making recipes with my blends, some a huge success straightaway & some left me frustrated. Even though I had doubts everyday in my mind I still kept going. 

Today, we are grateful to have a great list of unique spice blends & pantry blends inspired from all across India. They are a little glimpse into what kind of produce, taste preference that region has or how flavour influences from adjacent countries became mainstream cuisines in India. One can use these blends not only to make some delicious Indian recipes but also use it for roasts, BBQs, baking, stir-frys, soup and so much more. These blends are hand-blended in Melbourne (now Northern Rivers) & have completely natural ingredients sourced locally & internationally. 

How we work?

At Kiraana we try to keep it as real as possible not only in our blends but also how we operate. We strive for balance between supporting local Aussie businesses & Indian suppliers. We care deeply about the impact our business has on the planet & people, so we try to use biodegradable, recyclable packaging where possible. 

What does Kiraana mean?

Kiraana in hindi means  'a small family owned shop selling sundry items'. They are the lifelines of India, every nook & cranny has a Kiraana shop where one can buy any daily use items. Even the arrivals of giant supermarkets couldn't take away the charm of small Kiraana shops. You run out of eggs, bread, pulses or detergent you run to the Kiraana shop, There's probably nothing you can't find in these dingy little shops. 




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