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My travels across India

This blog is a little personal one. Year was 2012 that would change the course of my life & also give me invaluable insight that would years later help in shaping vision for Kiraana. I was working in a news channel in Delhi before deciding to move to Mumbai to work in entertainment industry. I got a great job that involved working on production sets, research for online content, meeting interesting people everyday. But during all this I had this unending itchiness to travel across India to see my own country, parts and places that I hadn't seen. And so one day I decided to quit my job, pack my bags and leave only to never return. Being from north of India it only made sense to me to start my travels in South of India. These two parts of India are so different it almost feels like you are in different countries. My first stop was Kochi, Kerala.

Lucknow (My hometown in India)  (Image from Google)


 Kochi, Kerala

From here me and some other travellers decided to travel together for as long as we could. We travelled to Varkala, Hampi, Goa, Munnar before I had to be back in Mumbai.



Tea Gardens in Munnar


Banaras (Varanasi)

After 2 months of travelling I went to Dharamshala (place where Dalai Lama resides) and did vipassana silent meditation. And then went on to stay in Rishikesh, in North of India. 

Dharamshala after 10 day vipassana


This time in my life was magical, I can't express how much this travelling effected my life. There's so much wealth of knowledge & experiences out there, all we have to do is be willing to explore even if it means exploring your own country. 

In the beginning of this post I mentioned that 2012 would change the course of my life, and boy it did! On day 2 in Kochi I met Jackson who had just come from Australia to travel in India after finishing Uni & we travelled together in all the places I mentioned above, what was meant to be 1 month of travelling for me became 6 months of travelling and 2 years later we got married. 




  • Supriya

    Thanks Shobhita! My experiences are a little hard to express in blog and also I am not the best of writer, but I hope I conveyed my sentiments :) Last pic is in Rishikesh. We both love that place.

  • Shobhita

    Loved your blog, I was expecting a detailed journey through 😊. The last pic- which is this place??

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