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Spicy Masoor Dal
Spicy Masoor Dal

Spicy Masoor Dal

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This Lentil blend is full of flavour & nutrition. (Masoor ) Whole red lentils are one of the most protein packed lentils out there. It's easy on your stomach for digestion, and becomes very creamy on cooking. We have blended these little super gems (yes that's what we call them) with some very aromatic spices and a little fiery kick from small red chillies. 

Ingredients - Australian grown Whole red lentils, Kashmiri chilli powder, Garlic, Onion, Bay leaf, Salt, Kasuri Methi (Fenugreek leaves), Spices

Cooking Method -

Slice some garlic, onion, and fry them in a pot. Add any other veggies of your choice, tinned tomato or some chopped tomatoes, this dal blend and mix it well. Add 6 cups of water* and cover the lid and let it cook until soft, it takes about 55 min. Adjust salt and serve with rice. You can add a tsp of ghee, coconut oil or butter for extra delicious finish.

Vegan, Gluten Free, 100% Natural, No Preservatives or additives. Handmade in Melbourne in small batches. 

*Recipe is for retail pack. Adjust water by doubling it and cooking time varies for bigger pack.

Processed in facility that handles nuts, gluten and dairy. 

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