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Assamese Panch Phoron (ON SPECIAL!)
Assamese Panch Phoron (ON SPECIAL!)

Assamese Panch Phoron (ON SPECIAL!)

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Panch Phoron literally means 5 spices, it’s made of 5 seeds which carry a lot of their unique flavours and health benefits. Growing up in India, this blend was always in one of the spice jars. My mother would slightly fry them in Mustard oil, and add them to any dish. Even though panch phoron came from Bengal which is on the east side of India it was readily used in villages in adjacent states in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh.

Ingredients -  Fennel, Mustard, cumin, Kalonji (Black Cumin), Fenugreek

Texture - Whole seeds

Tasting Notes - Pungent, Nutty, Aniseedy

Use -  Fry 1 tsp of the blend in hot oil and quickly add other ingredients or fry the blend in oil and pour as ‘chaunk’ aka tempering at the end of cooking a dish. Delicious with lentils, fish, or used for pickling. Recipe

Vegan, Gluten Free, 100% Natural, No Preservatives or additives. Handmade in Melbourne in small batches.