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Veg Coconut Curry

Recently, I remembered a dish my friend made when she stayed with us during pandemic for few weeks. And so I asked her how did she make it and she reminded me how simple it was with simple ingredients. So with her help and little bit of my own culinary intuition, I made this dish and honestly it turned out to be absolutely amazing. I ate it the next day as leftover with same amount of enthusiasm. 



3 Cups of Chopped mixed veg. I used carrot, potato, cauliflower, beans, frozen peas, spinach because thats what I had, but you can use other veggies too like zucchini, kolrabhi, eggplant, sweet potato etc. You can also add sliced tofu and chickpeas.

1 Tbsp oil Olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil (coconut works best)

1 Small chopped brown onion

1 Tsp chopped ginger and garlic

1 Chilli chopped (I use Indian green chillies which have more heat but you can use red chillies too)

1 400 ml can of coconut milk or coconut cream.

1.5 Cups of water

1.5 Tbsp Udupi Sambhar Blend or curry powder (But the taste of this curry comes from its spices so using good quality spice mix is important)

1 Can of Chickpeas

1 Tsp Salt

Optional ingredients for garnish - Spring onion, coriander, mint, peanuts


1. In a pot heat oil and fry ginger, garlic and onion. 

2. Once onion softens a bit add chopped chilli, followed by carrot and potato, mix well. After 2-3 min add cauliflower or any other veggie you are using, again mix well. 

3. Once the veggies are coated with oil, add coconut milk followed by water. Add 1.5 tbsp udupi sambhar blend, and salt. You can add tofu & chickpeas here too if you are using. Give everything a good stir, cover the lid and cook until veggies soften and curry thickens a bit. It usually takes about 25-30 min. Add frozen peas and spinach for last 5 min. 

4. Once cooked add few garnishes like chopped green part of spring onion, coriander, mint, mung bean sprouts or chopped peanuts. Serve with cooked jasmine rice or any short grain rice.

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