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Recipes — Healthy eating

(Jowar & Kuttu) Sorghum & Buckwheat Vegan pancakes

Sorghum and Buckwheat are seeds that are highly nutritious & easily digested. In India, these seeds are grown and consumed in abundance. Buckwheat is commonly consumed during fasting, as its technically not a grain and there are many regional Indian recipes that includes these seeds. They are high in Magnesium, copper, zinc, proteins and they are very sustainable to grow. 

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Handvo (Savoury Lentil Rice Cake)

Handvo is a savoury lentil rice cake that comes from Gujarati cuisine. Its said Gujaratis have mastered the art of healthy snacking by creating delicious snacks using native ancient grains, lentils, rice & spices. This cake is one protein packed dish that can be enjoyed as snack or brekkie.

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