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Recipes — Turmeric

Tandoori (BBQ) Veggies

In India Tandoori Veggies are served as entrée in North Indian restaurants, its traditionally had with green coriander chutney. You can use any veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, capsicum or paneer (cottage cheese) etc. We have used our Punjabi Tandoori Seasoning to give it a delicious flavour.  INGREDIENTS  1 Cup Cauliflower cut in florets  1 Red onion cut in 1 inch pieces or large chunks 1 Red or green capsicum cut in large chunks 1 Cup Mushroom (Button, Flat or Portobello) any kind cut in halves or quarter chunks 2 Cups Yogurt ( Dairy or Vegan )  2 Tbsp Punjabi Tandoori Seasoning   1 Tsp Salt 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp Olive Oil METHOD: Mix all the ingredients gently,...

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Haldi Doodh (Turmeric Milk)

Haldi doodh (Turmeric Milk) as traditionally it's called is delicious drink full of anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating properties. When had every night it induces good night's sleep, helps recover from pains and injuries. The secret to good turmeric milk is not overdoing it, one needs only a small amount of turmeric blend for it to be beneficial to the body, adding heaps of it in your milk diminishes any good effects. Our turmeric blend has pepper in it, which enhances the effects of turmeric and helps in recovering from cold and sore throat too. Here's a simple recipe on how to make it correctly - INGREDIENTS  1/4 tsp Masala Turmeric Blend (or just turmeric) 1/2 tsp Honey/Maple Syrup/Raw Sugar/Jaggery 1 cup milk...

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